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Caton Contracting and Remodeling, Inc. was established in 1991. We have been performing renovation work consisting of new homes, basement conversion, kitchen and bath renovation, additions, decks and insurance repairs. We work with the owners to help them design a renovation project that will work with their needs and within their budget.

Renovation and remodeling work is one of the most demanding in the construction industry. The renovation and remodeling work is most often being done in an occupied home that must let the home owner and their families continue with their daily activities without much impact on them. By protecting the areas not affected by the renovation and keeping the work area very clean, we can get your project completed with just a small impact on your life activities. This is one of the aspects the client does not consider when selecting a contractor but is one we consider and pride ourselves on.

One of the most rewarding aspects of doing renovation work is getting referrals from previous clients and the highest reward is doing additional renovation work for previous clients.



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